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On the other, Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert are writing a book that seems aimed squarely at the trade; the general thrust of the book is clear, but it can barely keep its convoluted plot straight. And to be honest, Jonathan Maberry is capable of far better; he just wrapped up the superb Bad Blood proving as much. Matt Murdock goes toe-to-toe with the Shroud, only to discover the real menace is… the Owl, of all villains. Chris Samnee and Mark Waid do a superb job of making the Owl an actual menacing villain, while keeping the tone surprisingly light for such a serious book.

A hoot, and highly recommended. This unexpectedly moody and clever book continues.

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Rapidly becoming one of my favorite books from Dark Horse, and highly recommended. This issue is a solemn testament as to why Magneto, as dark and dangerous as he is, is necessary in the Well after it needed to, we get the final issue of this crossover. Also, one wishes Mazahs was a better-established character; it feels like the book is just winging information at us until it ends.

Schedule delays stink, and honestly, this book feels mostly more like tying off loose ends; Justice League United is far more interesting. This twenty-fifth issue includes both an introduction to the Armor Hunters , and a bunch of short strips about Aric and his armor, ranging from a cute strip for kids to Justin Jordan taking Aric and Shadowman out for a few beers. A provocative book with plenty of intrigue to keep you hooked! A sarcastic alpha female and an alpha male who is incredibly attracted to her.

Take a journey into this book and lose yourself in this passionate romance.

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This book could not have been titled better. From the beginning it is a lustful, tantalizing, and seductive read. You will completely fall in love with the first installment of The Phoenix Pack series. Love What You're Reading? You must be logged in to post a comment. March 27, 0. Tank: The Total Package Stories Spy: 1 and 2 Combined Edition. Yakuza: End of Angels Book 1. School of Bullies. Tank Tank Science Fiction Series 1.

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